EnCompass Card Game


Navigating Challenges with Conscious Purpose



Step into the realm of EnCompass, a thrilling card game designed to empower players to seize control in the face of life’s toughest challenges. Amidst laughter and camaraderie, participants confront the trials plaguing today’s youth: peer pressure, injustice, heartbreak, anxiety, and exclusion.

Equipped with a myriad of action cards, players navigate these problems with strategic finesse. Collaborating in teams, they devise ingenious plans to tackle each dilemma head-on, selecting the action card that promises the most effective solution. Through spirited discussions and decisive choices, players not only hone vital life skills but also unearth the depth of their own capabilities.

EnCompass transcends mere entertainment; it sparks profound conversations that weave these newfound skills seamlessly into the fabric of everyday life.

Geared towards ages 12 to 25, EnCompass beckons players to immerse themselves in its dynamic gameplay.

How to Play

  • Each player or team starts with a hand of five action cards.
  • In each round, a different player or team becomes the Agent, revealing a problem card onto the playing surface.
  • Players or teams discreetly select an action card from their hand, aiming to offer the most effective response to the Agent’s dilemma.
  • Without prior knowledge of the card’s owner, the Agent chooses their preferred action as the solution.
  • Points are awarded to the player or team whose action card is selected by the Agent.
  • EnCompass accommodates any available timeframe, ensuring flexibility without compromising on excitement.
  • Ultimately, victory belongs to the player or team with the highest accumulation of points, but the true triumph lies in the invaluable lessons learned along the way.


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