Parenting 102: Empowering Teens for Emotional Wellness

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This is a soup to nuts complete parenting course with everything you need to know to give your teen emotional and mental resiliency.



Raise responsible teens, with robust self-esteem, who know how to read the world and find their place in it. Learn how you can help your kids to feel happy, encouraged, validated, and supported as they grow into the wonderful person who feels confident in taking on the challenges the world will present. This comprehensive course You’ll learn not only the parenting skills, but also how to see yourself and how your kids see themselves. I’ll virtually be holding your hand as we discuss topics like; Understanding Childhood, Communication with Your Child, Family and Peer Relationships, Manners, Self-Esteem, and so much more!

Parenting strategies and tips to keep your children mentally strong and emotionally intelligent.

What they need to be have a good self-esteem.

How to manage screen time.

How to help or prevent depression and anxiety.

Daily practices to ensure happiness.

And so much more!


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