COMPASS Curriculum: A Mental Health Unit for Health Classes

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We invite NYS health teachers to teach the COMPASS curriculum in the fall semester 2024 and provide constructive feedback after each lesson. This pilot cohort of teachers will have private access to Dr. Aman. The curriculum has a yearly license fee, but piloting teachers will receive it at the 33% discounted rate above as long as they hold the license. View the full contract for details on this opportunity.



Health Teachers, you already incorporate a mental health unit.
Why not use a curriculum that is also an effective therapeutic intervention?

Join the Fall 2024 Pilot Cohort for a 33% lifetime discount.

Get eight plug-and-play mental and emotional wellness lesson plans that include:

  • engaging videos that capture attention and foster understanding
  • interactive discussion prompts to encourage reflection and dialogue
  • fun, practical activities designed to help students release toxic stress, empower themselves emotionally, and rewire their brains for lasting happiness.

Here are the 8 Lesson Plans, each an evidence-based intervention designed to equip young people with the tools they need to decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression and increase emotional resilience and happiness.

FINAL Teacher's Manual
  1. Understanding Mental Health: Demystifying mental health issues and promoting awareness.
  2. Mastering the Mind: Techniques for managing thoughts and emotions effectively.
  3. Nurturing Agency and Authority: Empowering students to take control of their mental health.
  4. Cultivating Connectedness and Mattering: Ensuring every student feels valued and connected.
  5. Making Peace with Yourself: Encouraging self-acceptance and inner peace.
  6. Navigating the Modern World: Tools to handle today’s unique challenges and pressures.
  7. Building Healthy Relationships: Developing positive relationships and communication skills.
  8. Committing to Self-Care Practices: Establishing habits that promote long-term well-being.
PLUS! Comprehensive Teacher Training
  • Mental Health Theory
  • Needs of Adolescents
  • Neurobiology of Emotional Problems
  • Navigating Sensitive Conversations


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