Overcome Driving Anxiety Course


Be confident and calm while you have an adventure!



Take control of the wheel.

Have you ever had intense driving anxiety? Or maybe just the idea of driving gets you nervous because you worry you’re not a good driver.

You end up avoiding outings and trips when you have to drive. Whether it’s because it’s at night, to an unfamiliar town, during bad weather, or going through a busy expressway, you avoid it simply because you’re afraid.

You are not alone! Vehophobia (“Driving Anxiety”) is extremely common. In fact, about half of all drivers report having a fear of something going wrong while driving.

My Driving Anxiety Meditation program will help you conquer your driving fears, serving as a guide while you keep your hands firmly but surely on the steering wheel.

The best way to get over driving anxiety is to drive as often as you can– with support!

Shift your confidence back into gear with this course.

There are adventures to have. Stuff to do. People to be with. Lives to change! (Most of all: yours!)

With the program, you’ll receive 6 downloadable mp3s for the road that will…
  1. Explain anxiety, why you have it, and what to do.
  2. Tell you how to refocus your mind from the negative anxious thoughts to be present and in control.
  3. Tether you to reality and feeling a part of life.
  4. Stop you from negative self-judgment that makes it all worse.
  5. It gives you the best tips to stop deriving anxiety and all other anxieties, too.
Instead of feeling trapped and terrified imagine: You have more fun in your life, gain back your freedom, and go wherever you want!

What you’ll learn

  • How to overcome anxiety about driving!
  • Feel in control behind the wheel!
  • How to self-talk your way to confidence!
  • Be able to have an adventure without the stress of anxiety stopping you!
  • Drive your family to places where you’d get to spend quality time and create memories.


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